We Have a Big Problem, and It’s Not The BDS

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In the past few hours, my Facebook wall was flooded with some good friends sharing this video, including a number of Israeli embassies in New York, Atlanta and the rest of the world, what triggered me to share my opinion as someone who’s involved heavily in the Israeli-American relations

  1. The Length of The Video – This video is fucking 6 minutes long!!! As a Jewish-Israeli “Tech Savvy” 29-year-old who lives in New York, I tried really hard not to pluck my hair and hope that this video would just come to an end so I can get back to my life.
    Now imagine an 18-year-old American kid, which by the way isn’t on Facebook (“It’s all adults there”) just on snapchat, and you can start guessing how many American students actually saw this video …
  2. The Content of The Video – “Who fucking cares about history when you kill babies in Gaza and have an apartheid in the West Bank”. This is more or less what goes on in the mind of an American student who’s participating in “Israel Apartheid Weeks”, when you shove him enthusiastically the video to his face and force him to suffer for a six whole minutes. Besides, what’s up with the cartoons? It is so 2014!
  3. Facts – With all due respect, and I have lots of respect for rabbis in general and to Rabbi Sacks personally, if I was a young Christian American student who doesn’t know much about the conflict, and the first thing I see was a caricature of a Hassidic Rabbi with a notable Jewish nose, I was positive the Palestinians are right. After all, just look at the Jews in their propaganda illustrations, they look exactly like this Rabbi… And that’s the first connotation that comes to mind!

So What Should We Do?

Albert Einstein once said “We can’t solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them”.

Anyone who thinks that the solution to the BDS problem can be found in endless debates and attempts to discredit the other side is not only wrong but also misleading!

Those who think the Palestinians are right and is convinced that Israel is committing apartheid is a lost cause and it’s a waste of resources to fight for his vote.
Those who think Israel is right, will continue to share these videos and create an echo chamber that will only limit their reach to like-minded friends.
THE ONLY PEOPLE WE SHOULD TARGET – It’s the young Americans who have no strong opinion about Israel (and perhaps don’t really care).

The only way to get them closer to the Israeli stand, is to show them the truth about Israel (and I don’t mean boring history and politic videos).
But promoting Gay tourism and branding Tel Aviv as the pride capital of Europe (shout out to Size Doesn’t Matter). By branding and marketing Israeli innovation and technology that impacts millions across the globe and creates the coolest job places in New York, San Francisco, Boston and LA. By promoting innovation in agriculture that will help cannabis producers, get more crops out of their farm.

We must begin to change the paradigm and adopt a new approach. Otherwise, we’ll lose a battle we just can’t afford!

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