My First Independent Event #rvlife

My First Independent Event #rvlife
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One of my main goals in life, is to know that what I’m doing is aligned with my higher purpose.
That’s why I’m always looking for hints and clues from the universe that would assure me I’m on the right path.

This past Thursday was my first “independent” event. Not talking about Israel, not in collaboration with an Hillel house. Just a free, open to the public event at one of Minneapolis city parks, where I planned to share with anyone who’d listen, some of the adventures and insights I had from living on the road for 15 months and going on a journey to all 50 States.

As we knew no one in Minnesota, creating a Facebook event was our only way to get the word out.

With a bit of gorilla push through the local Facebook groups, we got to have 50 people interested, and 3 “attending” (that includes Danielle and me).
We weren’t really sure what to expect, but we figured that even if just one person showed up, that would count as success.

It’s 6:30pm and no one seems to come. We decided to wait for another 15-20 minutes before we leave, and at 6:50pm, we finally call it quits and started to head back to our camper.

On our way back, I felt a tiny vibration in my pocket.
A new Facebook message alerted “trying to find y’all in the park”.

I’m looking at Danielle in disbelief, telling her that someone’s here.
We immediately turned around and went to find out who is this rare person that actually came to our event.

That’s when we met Clinton Fernandes, a young guy from Goa, India, who 3 years ago came to the US to do his master’s degree in robotics, and just recently moved from Salt Lake City to Minneapolis.
He had great, positive energy, a factor that made us feel comfortable to invite him over to our camper, so we can hold our “event” there.

Clinton was fascinated with all the stories I’ve had from these past 15 months, and I, on the other hand, wanted to learn more about his family and hometown, what made him go study abroad, and how’s life in America for him.

With his big laughter and joyful persona, we shared an amazing 2 hours together.

Before we said goodbye, Clinton asked if we’re hungry, and invited us for dinner at nearby restaurant.
We were really flattered, but embarrassed, and told him he really didn’t need to, but he insisted and took us out. And not just that, at the end of that dinner, he even made a donation to our 50 States Journey campaign.

Why I’m sharing with you all this?

When I started this journey, these small “miracles” kept coming my way, and they didn’t just helped me financially, they also helped me spiritually and emotionally.

And now, that I decided to change course and go a different path, it was so important for me to get these clues from the universe that assure me it’s what I should be doing. The encounter with Clinton and that all experience was as if Gaia was telling me “keep doing you, you’re on the right track”.


Here is the list of our upcoming events + dates, if you know anyone in these areas that would want to hear my story and be part of our journey, please feel free to tag him or share this post!


8/25 – My Journey To All 50 States Tour! Dubuque IA
8/27 – My Journey To All 50 States Tour! Milwaukee, WI
8/30 – My Journey To All 50 States Tour! Chicago, IL
9/3 – My Journey To All 50 States Tour! Detroit, MI
9/6 – My Journey To All 50 States Tour! Alexandria, VA
9/8 – My Journey To All 50 States Tour! Washington, DC
9/10 – My Journey To All 50 States Tour! Baltimore, MD
9/12 – My Journey To All 50 States Tour! Wilmington, DE
9/15 – My Journey To All 50 States Tour! Philadelphia, PA
9/18 – My Journey To All 50 States Tour! Jersey City, NJ
9/26 – Private Event in NYC

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