Learning To Let Go

Learning To Let Go
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Two days ago, after being stuck on a Long Island highway with a flat front tire and a broken rear axle, my stomach started turning like a washing machine.

The craziest, most absurd thoughts came to mind, as I was trying to figure out a way for me to get a heavy duty tow truck to pick me up, find a local mechanic that would be willing to touch the camper, let alone fix it, with the little-to-no money I had left.

It started seeming like mission impossible, and I got carried emotionally with the stories that ran in my head.

Danielle, my beloved wife and guardian angel in these situations, echoed the things I tell her all the time “It’s all just a game”, “we know that everything happens for a reason, so why are you stressed about it?”.

Though I knew she was right, it was still hard for me to actually apply those understandings, till I had the proper solution for this mess.

After a night with no sleep, it finally dawned on me – I was looking at the situation the wrong way!

Due to habit, financial and emotional investments, fond memories and a sense of true ownership, I forgot one of life’s most basic rules. One that helped me so many times to feel liberated and free – No Attachments!

As long as the camper fulfilled its duties, acting as a physical and spiritual vessel in my 50 States Journey, he was productive and welcomed. But now, with all these problems (and not a lot of money left in the bank), it’s starting to become more of a burden than a tool, and that’s exactly the time to say goodbye.

I don’t need this camper to finish my 50 States Journey, I can do it by plane, train, bus or even hitchhike. Yet in the midst of it all, I somehow forgot that and started to build emotional dependence on the camper and have seen it as if it’s the only way.

Yesterday, after realizing that, I let it go.

This one of a kind camper served me well beyond anyone’s anticipation, including myself, bringing so many colorful, beautiful people into my life, showing me the good and the bad of this country. It allowed me to connect with my mom and little brother who came to visit in ways I couldn’t dream about, and of course, it lead me to the love of my life, my Danni.

Thank you camper for all that and much more, you’ll always have a special place in my heart

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