First TV Interview of The Journey!

My First TV Interview - Lior Vaknin Interview for KCHF TV
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What I thought would be a short, 5 minute segment about Israel at a local Christian TV channel in New Mexico, turned out to be an in-depth, hour-long conversation, where I talked about everything from my personal experience as an Israeli tech entrepreneur and the mistakes I made with my first startup, to how I ended up in New York and what made me start Israeli Startups NYC in the first place, to my decision to leave everything I’ve built behind and go on this wild goose chase to reduce hate, Antisemitism and Anti-Israel in all 50 States and spread some good in the world.

My host John Sandager and I, discussed the perception of Israel in the public eye VS reality, the negative effects of the BDS movement not only on Israel but on the Palestinian people themselves, and what are some of the things the Christian community should do in order to help suppress the disturbing rise of Antisemitism around the country.

We also discussed Israeli tech and what makes this small country a powerhouse of entrepreneurship and innovation (P.S – It’s not just the Jewish brain), how Israel is helping farmers with smarter irrigation decisions, and how me finding Bamba at Trader Joe’s, ended up being a live example of the best Israeli hasbara technique out there.

My First TV Interview - Lior Vaknin Interview for KCHF TV

Mastering a TV interview is something that takes time and practice!

From learning how to smoothly transition from giving a detailed answer you’re crafting as you go, to a pause on cue based on some hidden hand gestures the host is making, to keeping a correct posture and deciding what to do with you hands this entire time. And I’m not even talking about the language barrier an Israeli (however good he thinks his English is) has to deal with.

This is almost an hour long interview so I don’t expect it to go viral (or even for you to see the entire thing).
HOWEVER, if you have friends who were longing to see some positive coverage of Israel in the media, or maybe they would be interested in inviting me to speak, or even just make a donation and support my work, please share with them this video!

I am also looking for a video editing professional who would be willing to volunteer couple hours of work to make a quick summary video of the first half of my “Promoting Israel in all 50 States” journey (yeah, I know, I myself can’t believe I’m already at the halfway point), so if any of you or someone you know would want to volunteer, please let me know!

Here are my next scheduled Talks and Engagements –

  • 4/3/18 – Launch with students at Arizona State University Hillel, Tempe, AZ
  • 4/4/18 – Speaking at the Hebrew Study class at The University of Arizona, Tucson, AZ
  • 4/16/18 – Speaking with students at The University of Nevada, Las Vegas, Las Vegas, NV
  • 4/26/18 – “Promoting Israel in 50 States – Halfway Point”, rooftop party, fireside chat + Q&A – La Jolla, CA

*If you’re around any of those locations at these specific dates and would like to attend / meet up, set up a talk, or anything else – Please let me know!


P.S – I need your help!

As you know, this entire journey and my effort to promote Israel in all 50 States is based on donations only. My goal is to get to 100 people who’ll donate $30/month, that would help me with the gas, food and mechanical repairs expenses I have while living on the road.

The ideal is $30/month but there’s no minimum. You can donate as little as $1 per month and it will still make a difference!

If you want to contribute and help me on my quest, please visit

Much love,

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