Finding The Reason For It All

Finding The Reason For It All
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Everything in life, happens for a reason. It might be hard at first to figure out the purpose, but the more time goes by, the clearer the puzzle becomes.

That’s exactly what the visit to New York was like for me.

At first, I was anxious about even getting to the city. Then, when the camper broke down, I was upset that it happened just 20 miles before I actually arrived. But now, now everything’s starting to make sense again, I can see clearly how it was all part of a much bigger plan.

We, human beings, just can’t fathom the way this universe works, especially not when trying to do it using our limited senses. Though we should remember there is a bigger plan, we must know that the web of life operates as an organized orchestra, playing every tune in a celestial preciseness.

The visit to New York was important for me. It confronted me with an alternative future, one I might have taken, if it wasn’t for the 50 States Journey I eventually took. It gave me the opportunity to meet people who chose that alternative route, learn about their struggles and fears, and inevitably compare them with mine.

Whether it was that wealthy man at a Shabbat dinner, who said out loud that he’d much rather live on the coast of Costa Rica, fishing and eating off the land, but is just too afraid of being poor again. Or that Asian-American girl who stopped by my table in the park, and shared what it’s really like making a lot of money at the age of 24, but hating your workplace for being a white man, bro-mentality investment bank in the city. Or that young guy from synagogue, we whispered in my ears that he’s dying to grow his hair long and get some tattoos, but it’s practically impossible in the closed religious environment he’s living in today.

During my short stop in New York, I got exposed to so many stories, from such a diverse group of people, that helped me figure out who I am, and how I want my life to be.

The search for that answer isn’t over, it’s never over, but as I enter state 47, Hawaii, surrounded by tropical trees and wild nature all around, it feels I’m getting closer to finding it out.

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