Promoting Israel’s “Startup Nation” in 50 States – Providence RI Talk

Yesterday, I had the honor of presenting my talk – “Promoting Israel’s ‘Startup Nation’ in 50 States”, at the JCC of Providence Rhode Island.

Special thanks to Larry Katz from Dwares JCC for providing the space and to Bracha and Ron Stuart from StandWithUs Rhode Island for their unparalleled hospitality and help!

Next Talk – Promoting Israel’s “Startup Nation” in 50 States – Boston MA

My 7 Best Quotes for 2016

I never liked celebrating birthdays.

Even though I have no problem standing on stage in front of hundreds of people or do public speaking, when I see all the love and warm wishes sent to me by friends, I get this insecurity and embarrassment as if I don’t really deserve it and quickly shift the dynamic to see how the other person’s doing and seeing if I can be of help.

So obviously I want to thank all of you for your lovely birthday wishes! But I also want to share with you something personal. A collection of memorable quotes from various books I read this past year (with my small notes), in hopes it will have a similar affect on you and the quality of your life as it had on mine. Or for the very least encourage you to read them.

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The Universal Truth About Anxiety

“The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step.” – Lao Tzu

This year, one of the goals I set to myself was to write at least 10 blog posts on my personal blog. This post Isn’t what I had in mind when thinking of my first post  but it seems right to share it with you.

A little Backstory

As I was sitting in a small coffee shop on upper east side Manhattan, a day after the second-biggest snowstorm to ever hit New York, I felt that it was the perfect time to open my podcast app and listen to Tim Ferriss’s latest “The Tao of Seneca“.

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