Not Your Regular “Happy Holiday” Email Blast

*This post was first sent to my community members at Israeli Startups NYC

Every year around this time, we sit down to write our new year’s

Some of us hope this year will be “the year we finally take the
leap from our corporate job, and start the startup we’ve been
dreaming of.” Some of us aim to double our startup revenue
and move to the next round of finance, and some hope to
expand our services abroad.

But some, crazy individuals, will go on a journey of a lifetime,
to the other side of the globe,
hoping to build the next billion dollar company.

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How Not To Write Cold Emails

As part of my work building the Israeli and American tech community in NYC, a lot of entrepreneurs contact me and ask for my advice/help/time/money/effort in order to assist them with their ventures and personal goals.

Now usually I love helping entrepreneurs and I respond to about %98 of cold emails, but sometimes people do it so wrong that I just feel my time is better spent elsewhere.

Tips on how to write cold emails

When you’re an entrepreneur, a founder, a CEO of a startup, 99% of the time you’re worried about fundraising.

It’s the last fucking thing you want to be dealing with right now, and you’d be so happy to “just get it over with” and go back to building your product and grow your business or develop a new feature, but that’s life. And fundraising is a crucial part in the success of your company as much as any other aspect.

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